Calendar 2023/2024

School Holidays
First Day of School: August 22, 2023
Teachers’ training day (no classes): September 6, 2023
Autumn Holidays: October 20 – 27, 2023
Christmas Holidays: December 14, 2023 – January 05, 2024
Teachers’ training day (no classes): January 31, 2024
February Holidays: February 16 – 23, 2024
Easter Holidays:  March 27 – April 12, 2024
Teachers’ training day (no classes): March 27, 2024
Teachers’ training day (no classes): May 08, 2024
Summer Holidays: July 04, 2024


Official holidays in Geneva canton
Jeûne genevois: September 07 and 08, 2023
Ascension Day: May 9 and 10, 2024
Pentecost: May 20, 2024



Year-End Celebration 2019

Year-End Celebration 2019

"The work of education and redemption are one..." At family worship our 4year old grand daughter asked her Daddy to read about the Sanctuary, while her fingers were feverishly searching for the right page, she knew exactly what she was looking for. We were so...

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Inaugural ceremony of AIS

Inaugural ceremony of AIS

The 6th of October 2019 was a great day for the Adventist churches in Geneva. The date marked the official inauguration of the Adventist International School of Geneva (AIS) by the Adventist International Church of Geneva (Adventist Fellowship Geneva). AIS is the...

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