The 6th of October 2019 was a great day for the Adventist churches in Geneva. The date marked the official inauguration of the Adventist International School of Geneva (AIS) by the Adventist International Church of Geneva (Adventist Fellowship Geneva). AIS is the first Adventist international school in Geneva situated at Petit-Saconnex. The long-awaited occasion brought together the members of several churches in the Geneva region.

The ceremony commenced with a welcome and introduction from Sabina Cabungcal and an opening prayer by Eld. Wiestche du-Preez. It was followed by the introduction of teachers and students. The students took the stage to perform some songs and Bible readings.

In his inaugural sermon, pastor Clifford ceased the occasion to stress the need for Christian education, and why everyone should choose Adventist education. Reading from Isaiah 54: 13, he said children should be disciples of God. In other words, Christian education is an introduction of God to students.

While stressing the true essence of education, Pastor Clifford said, “As we inaugurate our school today, we do not envision to enter into competition with anyone to be better. Education is not competition. Education is the application of right principles to achieve the right results.” He again, added, “Christian education is meant to guide students to achieve the highest skills and excellence in the pursuit of life. It instills in students the spirit of service, accountability, and integrity which make them commendable for service in the society.”

The inaugural sermon was followed by a display from the teachers and students. Miss Angela Boothby, our English teacher from the United States of America, with our French teacher Mrs. Laëtitia Providence were instrumental in assisting the organization of the inauguration ceremony. They led the students to display their acquired skills and excellence from the school.

Guests and participants were very much impressed about the achievement so far. They wished for the success of the school and promised of their continual support. The occasion recognized the efforts of some individuals who assisted in so many ways towards the school project. Mrs. Cabungcal thanked all the people who graced the occasion to inaugurate the school.

The entire program was followed by a General Assembly of the school association.